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We are committed to enhancing the learning experience of our UEA students in the classroom and beyond. One of the key benefits for international students studying in China is that they can experience the digital economy in China through exposure to industries and technological advancement. The best place to gain that kind of cutting-edge experience of the digital era and of the future is Alibaba.

Cross Border eCommerce

Cross-Border E-Commerce is a special program developed by the China Campus Network in cooperation with the Alibaba Group. Aims at the development of the sphere of e-commerce in the economies of different countries of the world, especially in Bangladesh.

In addition to a bachelor’s degree from our 38 universities in China, you also receive an Alibaba GET certificate from e-commerce leader Alibaba Group.


Why is it worth studying eCommerce in China?


China ranks 1st in the world in terms of the number of Internet users, reaching 730 million daily active users.


China has 470 million online shoppers.
only in the WeChat app.


63.8% of China’s internet users are internet shoppers.


In 2016, the number of users who used online payment was equal to 450 million.

What will you get from the Cross-Border E-Commerce Program ?


The most relevant knowledge from the world of e-commerce


Internship on the Alibaba Group platform


 with direct nostrification almost everywhere. Alibaba GET Level 3+ Certificate


 Unique employment opportunity on the Alibaba Group platform

What will you study in the Cross-Border E-Commerce Program?

Technical Skills

Entrepreneurial Skills

What will you get from the Cross-Border E-Commerce Program ?


IFP Advanced Year of Pre-Graduate Training

It doesn’t matter if you don’t speak Chinese or your knowledge is not certified. A year of special pre-university training IFP guarantees proficiency not only in academic Chinese at the HSK 4-5 level but also in specialized subjects in Chinese. This allows you to comfortably continue your studies in the chosen specialty.


4 years undergraduate

The e-commerce training project was created in conjunction with universities that are strong in the field of digital technology and business from the TOP-500 universities in the world, such as Southeast University, Harbin Institute Of Technology, Northwestern Polytechnical University, Xidian University.


Access to Alibaba GDT Program and Internships

Alibaba Global Digital Talent Network is Alibaba’s global digital talent network, which is:

  • Joint development of programs on the digital economy
  • A global platform for sharing new experiences
  • Contributing to the development of a digital transformation ecosystem

Students get access to unique teaching materials, a simulation platform for practicing knowledge, and several webinar courses. Successful completion of the GDT course means an internship and work opportunity in the Alibaba ecosystem.


Career opportunities

Employment on the Alibaba platform in China and around the world or funding for your project is guaranteed to the most diligent students of the stream.

What then can you become?

Where can you work later?

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In the next 100 years, human kind will step into an era of information and sata. We have to equip enterpreneurial talent with a new business mindset and new business technologies. I hope to develop Alibaba Business School into the most unique top-flight business school in the world.

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