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We are committed to enhancing the learning experience of our UEA students in the classroom and beyond. One of the key benefits for international students studying in China is that they can experience the digital economy in China through exposure to industries and technological advancement. The best place to gain that kind of cutting-edge experience of the digital era and of the future is Alibaba.

Student will be able to participate in all kind of eye-opening activities by studing at Alibaba Business School (ABS), such as:

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Something you won’t get at any other school: a peek at the future. Dive into the world of Alibaba and experience first-hand the technologies that will change the way we think about business.

In the next 100 years, human kind will step into an era of information and sata. We have to equip enterpreneurial talent with a new business mindset and new business technologies. I hope to develop Alibaba Business School into the most unique top-flight business school in the world.

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