International Foundation Programme

Full pre-university preparation for admission to 38 TOP universities in China on the basis of a grant

What is International Foundation Program?

International Foundation Program (IFP) is an international pre-university training developed by CCN for the admission and further training of international students in the Top universities in China

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Why do students need CCN's International Foundation Programme ?

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How is IFP CCN different from a language course?

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IFP Duration

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Where does IFP take place?

Preparation takes place in special IFP centers on the campus of the university. 7 IFP centers are located in 7 cities of China.

Xian jiaotong university

Xi'an Jiaotong University

Scholarship Catagory

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Northwestern Polytechnical University

Scholarship Catagory

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Tianjin University

Scholarship Catagory

Scholarship Catagory

CCN Scholarship Category A01
CCN Scholarship Category A02
CCN Scholarship Category A1
CCN Scholarship Category A2
CCN Scholarship Category A3
CCN Scholarship Category A4

Very often, foreign students are faced with such problems as

Even with HSK-4, studying in China is quite difficult, not to mention those who do not have an HSK certificate at all. That is why IFP teaches you not only everyday Chinese (which is required for HSK) but also Academic and Subject Chinese.

There is not enough knowledge in certain subjects for full-fledged study in TOP universities, which results in numerous failures of students in subsequent years of study. That is why, in the preparatory program, the student is trained in the subjects necessary for the chosen course.

Each IFP student has a “mentor” who helps in both academic and everyday matters. Also, the student will have a Chinese “friend” with whom he can practice Chinese and adapt to the area.

Usually, upon graduation, students are not sure about their future career opportunities. This is why CCN provides career services to its IFP students by connecting them to the best employers in their respective fields.

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The program is divided into areas of study, depending on the desired specialty, as well as courses for applicants with different levels of Chinese language proficiency. Learn more

Jointly launched by CCN member universities and industrial partners, the University Enterprise Alliance (UEA) degree program are designed to enhance students’ academic and professional competencies through experiential learning of a range of industry-focused courses.

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