Programs of CCN

Integrate top-quality degree education and cutting-edge industry-focused study. Experience the profound academic atmosphere of CCN universities and the new business education in the era of digital economy.

International Foundation Program

International Foundation Program (IFP) is designed to prepare international students for successful degree study at undergraduate or postgraduate level in Chinese universities. Jointly developed by top Chinese universities with decades of experience in offering foundation programs to international students, IFP is delivered by CCN member universities and its authorized partners in accordance with the quality assurance system. IFP is recognized by all CCN member universities. Upon successful completion of IFP, students are offered guaranteed entry into one of CCN member universities.

Learn Chinese from any level

With this extra ordinary program you'll learn Language + academic content. Terminology according to the study area. It is also a Cultural adaptation programs.

Access to the CCN's member universities

After successful completion of IFP program CCN offers guaranteed admission to the CCN's member universities

Guaranteed scholarships in Chinese universities

Guaranteed Scholarships for consortium universities can be obtained by the results of academic performance in the IFP

Designed and approved by the best Chinese universities

International Foundation Program (IFP) develop and recognize by all CCN's member university.

University Enterprise Alliance (UEA GET)

UEA degree programs are jointly offered by CCN member universities and Alibaba GET. The strong alliance between the two will ensure that UEA degree programs offer the best resources from the universities, including academic strength, scholarships and other support, as well as support and input from China’s leading enterprise Alibaba through its GET program, in particular potentials and opportunities that are available within the Alibaba ecosystem.

Guaranteed Scholarship

Double Campus

Double Certificates

Double Opportunities

The UEA GET programs aim to cultivate innovative digital talent, who will be able to enhance local digitization, and to transform the traditional businesses and develop new industries through digitization strategies


To inspire, inform and enable 1 million young digital talents worldwide by 2023


To share the positive impact of the new business paradigm in promoting inclusive development and to inspire and empower youth and entrepreneurs.

Beautiful Hangzhou

Alibaba's Birth place. An ancient capital that has been the subject of countless odes over the past two millennia. Also an open, inclusive habit for entrepreneurs.

Digital Hub

Hangzhou is renowned as the home of the digital economy. It is a base for over 1/3 of eCommerce platforms Alibaba, Amazon, eBay, Wish, Express, NetEase Kola etc.


The city welcomes entrepreneurs and innovators from around the world, regardless of background or culture.