Scholarship of
China Campus Network 2021

CCN Premium Scholarship

After completing the IFP course, you automatically become a participant in the distribution of scholarship in the TOP universities in China . After all, pre-university training gives you enough knowledge to not only enroll but also stay on this scholarship during your university years, including not only language training but also subjects.

CCN grants come in several types:

CCN Scholarship Category A01
CCN Scholarship Category A02
CCN Scholarship Category A1
CCN Scholarship Category A2
CCN Scholarship Category A3
CCN Scholarship Category A4
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The program is divided into areas of study, depending on the desired specialty, as well as courses for applicants with different levels of Chinese language proficiency. Learn more

Jointly launched by CCN member universities and industrial partners, the University Enterprise Alliance (UEA) degree program are designed to enhance students’ academic and professional competencies through experiential learning of a range of industry-focused courses.