University Enterprice Alliance (UEA)

University Enterprice Alliance (UEA)

The University Enterprice Alliance (UEA) is an innovative program developed by CCN in partnership with major corporations in China. It includes IFP pre-university training and internships with CCN partner companies during your undergraduate studies.

The program is designed to prepare future careerists in areas such as e-commerce, tourism, oil and gas, architecture, pharmaceuticals and medicine.

The training takes place in the universities of China, the strongest in these areas, included in the TOP-500 universities in the world. CCN students get access to the Global Internship Platform (GIP) electronic platform, which provides knowledge in the direction in the chosen field. The platform serves as a starting point for young talents with professional ability, cultural adaptability, understanding of the global digital economy and China’s business environment. GIP is committed to cultural exchange in the economic and social field between China and the students’ home countries.


The UEA program is supported by strong Chinese companies – Alibaba Group , HUAWEI , ZTE , CNPC , Sinopec . It is in these leading companies that students undergo internships. After completing their bachelor’s degree, they receive certificates of internship with employment opportunities.

The UEA includes the Alibaba GET and Alibaba GDT course , which aims to explore the foundations of the digital economy and digital technology in the 21st century.


To become a participant in this program, you must complete the IFP University Preparation course

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